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Personal Injury Solicitor Work

Accidents take place everywhere and it is part of life as one can get injured on the road, at home, during shopping, playing, involving in sports activities and even at work. If injuries are severe, it affects the victim financially and it also affects his work life. In case an accident takes place during work time in a workplace, an injury claim can be requested to compensate the losses. By compensation it does not mean that 100% is recoverable. However, one can use the compensation amount received to pay for medical expenses, pay bills or run family till one fully recovers.Visit our

Personal injury lawyers work under a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis scheme since 1998 after the abolishment of Legal Aid. This is because most of the people who met with accident at work did not file for a legal aid because they couldn’t get it. This resulted in less compensation claims and hence government decided to implement the ‘no win no fee’ scheme so that every employee who meets with an accident can make an injury claim.

According to the scheme, the solicitor takes up a compensation case if he or she believes that the claimant is eligible for compensation. No upfront fee is collected. In case the injury claim is rejected, claimant does not have to pay a single penny to the solicitor. This is an advantageous scheme for everyone because free advice and consultation along with the document collection, negotiations and everything that needs to be done to process the claim is done by the personal injury lawyer without being paid.

Based on the experience of handling thousands of injury claim cases every year, the solicitor will be able to decide or predict if you are eligible for compensation. Further, they will also analyse the medical reports, losses or any other factors that contributes to the injury and come out with a compensation amount. The solicitor you hire should have business ethics and treat every case individually because every claim is unique in its own way. Before choosing a solicitor, always check for the track record and hire someone who has experience handling cases similar to yours.

If you hire an experienced solicitor who has skills and expertise in similar cases as yours, you will be able to win compensation. They will put in all their efforts in their power to settle your claim and make sure you get fairly compensated for your losses.