best off road scooter – Things to consider

Several years ago the kids scooter began forming a trend and there has been no looking back. Today Razor kids scooters lead the way in terms of popularity and there are quite a number of categories of scooters to choose from.Have a look at  Sprouse brothers article for more info on this.

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Here is a basic breakdown of kids scooters from Razor for 2010:

Razor Kick Scooters – The original has never lost its popularity. The Razor A2 Kick (based on my research) is still the most popular around. There are newer and upgraded versions of this model that include the A2, A3 and A5 Lux with more “bells and whistles” – having more capabilities.

Electric Standing Scooters – Here we have the E100 and forward into the E125, E200 and E300 (at least). Each of these scooters has some differences but generally you can count on this – as the model numbers increase so do the features, the weight capacity, ride time and price. These scooters are truly a blast, each with a quiet motor so that the neighbors won’t complain!

Electric Seated Scooters – These scooters have a seat that appears to be somewhat like a bicycle seat, while the rest of the scooter seems to remain the same. These are the versions of the electric models as given above including the E200S and the E300S.

The Pocket Mod – I love this particular model of scooter – it’s based on the design of a Euro scooter, even having under the seat storage. There are also some very sleek colors to choose from and a cute “Sweet Pea” version in pink with tassels for little ladies.

More scooters – Yes there are more in the lineup – the above are merely the highlights in terms of popularity. There are Pro versions (for those who are more advanced riders) and even scooters that will adjust for adults. If searching for Razor Kids scooters, you will have no shortage of them to choose from – there is very likely exactly the perfect scooter to fit just about any child’s needs.